The 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World


You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what the most expensive dog breeds in the world are. From well-known breeds like the Golden Retriever to trendy toy dogs like the Löwchen to huge dogs like the Tibetan Mastiff.

The best way to save money on a new puppy is to adopt a rescue dog and pay only the small adoption fee. The truth is that any dog will cost you a fair amount of money if you decide to buy from a reputable and reliable dog breeder that follows strict breeding regulations.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a purebred puppy, you should find one from a respectable breeder; however, purebred puppies from knowledgeable breeders are typically more expensive than your typical puppy.

Purchasing a new puppy is, of course, just the beginning of being a conscientious dog owner; other costs associated with dog ownership include toys, food, treats, grooming, training, dog boarding, dog walking, and of course, veterinary care and pet insurance.

The List of the Top 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

For this list of the priciest dog breeds in the world, we’ve chosen to emphasize the initial price tag as our primary criterion. However, since dog prices fluctuate a lot based on a variety of factors, we’ll also be concentrating on the average price of these specific dog breeds.

Additionally, we will order these dog breeds from least to most expensive; if you’re looking for the most expensive dog breed in the world, scroll to the bottom.

Let’s get straight to the point and see which 5 dog breeds are the priciest in the world.

5. The Azawakh $9,500

    The amazing Azawakh—a sleek and quick sighthound with West African origins—takes fifth place on the list of the priciest dog breeds worldwide.

    Though this majestic and lovely dog looks a lot like Santa’s Little Helper from the animated TV show The Simpsons (who is actually a Greyhound), it is a whole other breed of dog.

    The Azawakh stands out from most other common dog breeds thanks to its unusual appearance, making it one of the strangest dog breeds.

    The Azawakh is a highly energetic and lively dog that requires a lot of daily exercise to keep it mentally and physically fit. With the right training and socialization, the dog can fit into any loving family and get along well with small children and other dogs.

    Breed Characteristics :

    Weight: 44 to 55 pounds.

    Height: 25 to 29 inches.

    Lifespan: 10 to 12 years.

    Temperament: Loving, caring, focused, loyal, and submissive.

    Price range: $3000 to $9500.

    4. The Tibetan Mastiff—$10,000

      The enormous Tibetan Mastiff, a breed of dog native to China and Nepal, is one of the world’s largest and priciest canines.

      One of the oldest dog breeds, this one is thought to have been around for thousands of years and was bred to keep animals like wolves, bears, and snow leopards away from Buddhist monks and their monasteries in Tibet.

      In the United States, purebred Tibetan Mastiff puppies range in price from $1500 to $12,000; however, the most expensive Tibetan Mastiff, which currently holds the record for the most expensive dog globally, sold for an astounding $1.95 million.

      Breed Characteristics :

      Weight: 70 to 150+ pounds.

      Height: 24 to 26 inches.

      Lifespan: 10 to 12 years.

      Temperament: Intellectual, distant, guarded, loving, and self-assured.

      Price range: $5000 to $10,000+.

      3. The Chow Chow—$11,000

      The Chow Chow, a Chinese dog breed that is among the rarest and oldest in the world, is ranked third on our list of the priciest dog breeds worldwide.

      Although Chow Chow are primarily kept as companions and show dogs these days, they were originally bred to be multipurpose working dogs that were excellent at hunting, working, pulling, and guarding.

      Despite the fact that purchasing a Chow Chow can cost up to $11,000, there are many more expenses associated with maintaining this gentle giant.

      Vet bills can quickly mount for this breed because of its propensity for numerous health problems, including joint dysplasia, eye entropion, abnormal thyroid function, and many others.

      Any owner of a Chow Chow will find it helpful to have a weight chart on hand to help them prepare for the inevitable growth spurts that their puppy will experience.

      The breed standard for Chow Chows also stipulates that they have a distinctive tongue color, either black or blue. This is another odd but true fact about the breed.

      See our post on the top 8 Chow Chow breeders in the US if you’d like to own a gentle giant and need assistance locating trustworthy breeders.

      Breed Characteristics :

      Weight: 50 to 75+ pounds.

      Height: 17 to 20 inches.

      Lifespan: 9 to 15 years.

      Temperament: Quiet, independent, quiet, obstinate, intelligent, and devoted.

      Price range: $2000 to $11,000+.

      2. The Löwchen—$12,000

        The Löwchen, or Little Lion Dog, is ranked second on the list of the priciest dog breeds in the world.

        Although they resemble some popular dog breeds, such as the Bichon Frise or the Havanese, Löwchen dogs are a rare breed of dog that originated in the medieval era and were kept as companion dogs for German and French royalty.

        Löwchens are thought to make excellent family pets because they are energetic, loving, loyal, and eager to please their owners.

        Due to their extreme rarity, these little dogs command such high prices; in 1973, there were only 65 registered individual dogs left in the world; even now, there are still only a few hundred left.

        Breed Characteristics :

        Weight: 9 to 18 pounds.

        Height: 12 to 14 inches.

        Lifespan: 12 to 14 years.

        Temperament: gregarious, gregarious, lively, silly, loving, and submissive.

        Price range: $7000 to $12,000+.

        1. The Samoyed—$14,000

          And lastly, the Samoyed, a rare Siberian dog breed prized for its distinct, fluffy coat resembling clouds and amiable disposition, takes the top spot on the list of the most costly dog breeds worldwide.

          The Samoyed breed is thought to have originated from the nomadic Samoyed tribe of Siberia, who used it to herd reindeer and pull sleds. These days, however, most people own these stunning dogs as companions and show dogs.

          These adaptable dogs were originally available in a range of coat colors, but over time, selective breeding techniques have resulted in their coats becoming entirely white, which is now accepted as the breed standard.

          The Samoyed breed is gregarious and energetic, and it needs someone to spend time with and an outlet for its energy. If not given enough exercise and socialization, Samoyeds can become destructive and boisterous.

          See our post on the top Samoyed breeders in the US if you’d like to get a Samoyed of your own and need assistance locating a reputable breeder.

          Breed Characteristics :

          Weight: 50 to 65 pounds.

          Height: 19 to 23 inches.

          Lifespan: 12 to 14 years.

          Temperament: vivacious, perceptive, friendly, loving, gregarious, and playful.

          Price range: $3000 to $14,000+.

          Why Is a Certain Dog Breed Pricey?

          Conversely, certain dog breeds may cost a small fortune to buy but end up costing less to maintain over time. Some dog breeds are initially less expensive to buy but eventually become more expensive to maintain.

          A given dog breed’s price is determined by a number of variables, including the breed’s popularity, rarity, pedigree of the individual dog, and reputation of the breeder.

          Whether you want a show-quality dog or a pet-quality pup also affects how much a dog will cost; if you want to purchase a purebred dog with breeding rights (a complete AKC registration), this will add to the cost.

          The next time you’re with a group of friends, you’ll definitely be able to pull out some new, interesting facts now that you know which 5 dog breeds are the priciest in the world.

          Remember that a dog is first and foremost a member of the family and should be treated as such, regardless of the breed you choose.

          Purchasing a puppy from a competent and trustworthy breeder who follows moral and responsible breeding standards is the best way to guarantee that you will have a long-term, healthy, and contented canine companion.

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